Prince Chenoa takes his viciously chic birthday party to the PARLOR!

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Jacob De Kat helped him cut the cake and a whole litter of Lovekats purred Happy Birthday…. for a moment I thought I was writing for some pseudo-hipster magazine but seriously it is a seriously beautiful model friendly and friendly crowd. 

When I sent my photos to be photo-shopped the tech texted me this ”These pix are exquisite, when you spoke about Andrej Peyjic being beautiful were you talking about the blonde in the dress?  Is that a guy?  I would sleep with him or her!”  

Well, yes, the angel sticking his tongue between my crazy purple fingernails is the 19 yr old Serbian/Australian model who has emerged as the poster boy for Androgyny on the fashion runways.

The outrageously GORGEOUS Jacob DeKat was there to make the night awe-inspiring.  We lurve you Jacob!

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