Gala Extraordinaire

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Standing with the photographers shoulder to shoulder, who are VERY vocal the truth is way different than the self-serving glamorized versions.  Kanye West, contrary to “starring on the red carpet” was sorely missing Kim Kardashian on his arm as pretty much no one paid any attention to him. 

At one point He was seen staring out at the gathered uninvited on the street as he patiently waited for the photographers to finish taking shots of a relatively unknown model who did happen to have a dress on that was dangerously revealing more than thigh.

Jessica Biel in a dress that looked like she had borrowed it from someone’s grandmother, STILL had everyone around me drooling over her amazing booty.  The following celebs had the photographers falling off their ladders and climbing on top of each other to get shots:

Emma Stone

Scarlett Johanson

January Jones

Karolina Kurkova

Sofia Vergara

Gwyneth Paltrow

Rooney Mara

Kate Bosworth

And Giselle Bundschen / Tom Brady & his new hairdo (pictured above)

And last but really first in fierce RIHANNA

Let’s talk about Beyonce.  After hours of  non-stop fast and furious action it was announced that Beyonce would be 30 minutes after everyone else had arrived and entered the cocktail party.  There was a hush and rush of inactivity  and some unpleasant murmuring. 

Andre Leon Talley came down the steps to await her arrival in the separated ”holding” tent. WHEN SHE FINALLY ARRIVED she kinda breezed by him to walk the carpet HERSELF! Well, her stylist was near by, on his knees occasionally, to help keep the train of her gown  behaving. 

The only thing missing were the CROWN JEWELS!  Yes, and it cannot be denied she did look spectacular from the front and even better from the back!  Me, I wrenched my neck trying to get a picture of M.I.A… But better than that I asked Cate Blanchett if she could get Sarah Burton (Alexander McQueen’s designer) to pose for me!


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