Sarah Burton, you make Alexander “Bee” so proud!

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Honey Dripping Elegance, but madness too these McQueens left the Hive to “Bee” making Alexander McQueen Proud! 

Sarah Burton took one motif – the honeybee – and flew with it.  From the crystal-filled Perspex heels of her honeycomb-latticed boots to the wide brims of her bee-embroidered apiculturalist’s hats bees were a theme from which the Alexander McQueen collection harvested every possible reference.

The workmanship – much of it by McQueen’s 16-strong London team, the rest by their colleagues in Italy – was wonderful.

Gold-on-black jacquard trousers and shorts and jackets that featured pumped up hips rippled with a beguiling iridescence, while chokers and cuffs were covered in jewelled swarms of the insects that looked worryingly realistic.

The show evolved from peek-a-boo tailoring to meshy vamp gear that had a slick, syrupy sheen to it and was worn under bee-studded, tortoiseshell-pattern bustiers.

It ended with a series of increasingly elaborate, 19th-century enormous evening dresses decorated with blooms, bees, or both.  

Fast Tube by Casper

As Burton said afterwards, “It was looking at womanhood and embracing the female form.  I wanted it to feel sensual. “ -

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