The hyper-reality of Mary Ellen Johnson’s glistening food portraits

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They will last probably longer than you will and not do a bit of damage to your cholesterol numbers! 

They can torment dieting friends and unlike a fallen souffle always be perfect!  This cupcake is so yummy and look – ZERO calories!

Try this Chocolate Eclair.  Yep, you guessed it.  ZERO calories.  And you are still one slender smoking melodious hipster ready to tame all the snakes in your front lawn!

Mmm… no late night trips to Cinnabon and no messy cleanups! 

Models – you can race down the runway for quickly approaching fashion week and nosh down the this jumbo shrimp cocktail without bulging seams!

But generous holiday fans PLEASE don’t buy me the PB&J -makes me gag just remembering and I would faint dead on if I had to look at a Tuna on wonder bread!


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