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I spent the afternoon wandering around SOHO taking pix of art or vandalism whatever your pleasure.  Just could NOT do the TONY’S… FIRST time in YEARS but TOO PRETENTIOUS in the gaiety department for me this year.  Need a job?  Notice not one tab missing.

I love soup, a recurring horrid image, sometimes he has an Uzi, a bomb,today he is superbloody with a grenade and a skull mask.

NO BODY C@RES features an AMERICAN INDIAN which according to my IPHONE GUN APP(LOL) seems to be an AK47, or a M2BROWNING.  He will always have reason to be pissed.

K9 COUNTRY HIKING BEACH TRIPS, “ALL DAY” Insured & Bonded. I guess it is safe to assume dog food and water are optional.

It’s the Law…. I think that’s a cell phone on the skeleton perhaps a new law on our Mayor’s agenda, no smoking, no GIGANTIC Slurpees, No fatty foods, and no cell phones in New York City … what’s next … NO SEX???

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