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Imagine today the Ambassador to Libya was killed and Egyptians are rioting against suspected disrespect to Mohammed and Muslims and the Jeremy Scott Fashion show was Titled Arab Spring and it featured a play on ARAB garb…sitting in the press pit the comments were quite offensive, actually RIPE, one outfit in particular brought the comment”Perfect for hiding explosives!”  The clothes were brilliant, Jeremy’s brilliant, WORLD TOLERANCE AND PEACE would be BRILLIANT!

Looks like Olivier only had eyes for Tyra who made a surprise appearance!  (Olivier Zahm below)

Above, beauty Paris Hilton chatting it up backstage.

As you can see Jeremy’s show truly dazzled – this was the day of an iconic designer at his very best.

One of my favorite moments… spotting this gorgeous pixie creature, DJ turned model, singer, songwriter  and always  Starlet Sky Ferreira.  

Sky below with another one of a kind NY Girl:  Cory Kennedy.  Check out Sky’s sexy crawly video below!

Fast Tube by Casper

Really love this piece – and Jeremy.  Don’t we all!!!

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